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How to use the Apple TV remote on Orange TV?


  • Press up to go to the next channel;
  • Press down to go to the previous channel;
  • Press left to display the TV channels list;
  • Press right to display the application menus;
  • Press the center button to display live control (pause, rewind, etc).

In the application menus:

  • Press up, down, left or right to navigate in th menus. You can also navigate by sliding your finger on the clickpad;
  • Use the central button of clickpad to select an item.


Back button

  • Press the Back button once to go to the previous screen of the application;
  • Pressing and holding the Back button makes you go to the home screen of your Apple TV.


TV button

  • Press the TV button once to open the Apple TV application;
  • Press it twice to open the app switcher. Scroll through the apps using the clickpad, then press the centre button to open an app. Swipe up to close one;
  • Press and hold the TV button to display the control centre.

Press and hold the power button to turn the Apple TV on or off.

Siri button

Press the Siri side button to go to Apple TV search menu.