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How to active Voice Over LTE?

Voice Over LTE allows you to improve the quality of your calls by routing them over the 4G/5G network. Activating the option is very simple and no installation is required

Activation on iOS

If you have an iPhone, you will need to follow this activation process.

Activation on Android

The Voice Over LTE service is automatically activated if you have a compatible Android phone and offer (provided you have updated your phone to the latest version).

Which smartphones are compatible with these technologies?


iPhone X, iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus


A5 (2017), S7/S7 edge, Galaxy Note 8, A6/A6+ (2018), S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 9, A7, S9/S9+, Galaxy Xcover 4, A8, S10e/S10/S10+, Galaxy J3, A9, Galaxy J6+


P20, P20 Pro


MI 10T Pro, MI 10T, MI 10 Lite

And all other smartphones released after those listed.