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What are the advantages of eSIM?

Available and activated the same day you subscribe to an Orange Luxembourg mobile package

The eSIM is activated on your device by scanning a QR code that is sent to you by email the same day you subscribe to an Orange Luxembourg mobile offer. No need to order a SIM card anymore, it is directly integrated into your device!

Several numbers on a single device

eSIM allows you to group multiple numbers on one device in two ways:

  • You can subscribe to several offers via eSIM. In this case, it is important to note that the eSIM card can contain several separate phone numbers, but only one number can be active at a time.
  • You can subscribe to one or more offers via eSIM and simultaneously use a subscription via a standard SIM card. In this case, two numbers can be active at the same time.

This means that you can carry your personal and business numbers, or even numbers from different countries, on the same device. 

The PIN code is optional

A PIN code is not mandatory to unlock an eSIM with Orange Luxembourg. However, you can set one if you wish from your phone settings.