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How do I change my Fiber provider?

Switching operators is easier than you think!

We guide you step by step to change your operator:

  1. Choose the Orange offer you like with our great advisors and check your
    eligibility. Click here to contact an online advisor.
  2. Pick up your 4G+ modem in shop, while waiting for your
    for your Orange Fiber installation appointment.
  3. Complete and send the cancellation letter.



Always check your contract terms with your current operator,
in particular:

  • Whether you have to send a registered letter with confirmation of receipt, an email or other.
  • Whether there is a notice period
  • Whether you have to pay a termination fee (most contracts have a 24-month commitment period)
    (most contracts have a 24-month commitment period).
  • If your equipment, decoders, modems, etc. that are part of your contract must be returned.


A few useful addresses to send your letter of cancellation:

  • Post Luxembourg, Service résiliation, 1, rue Emile Bian L2996 Luxembourg
  • Proximus Luxembourg S.A., Service résiliation Tango - 18, rue du Puits Romain - Z.A.
    Bourmicht - L-8070 Bertrange
  • Luxembourg Online , Service résiliation, 14, av. du X Septembre L-2550 Luxembourg
  • Eltrona, Service résiliation, 4-8,rue de l’Aciérie B.P.1032 L-1010 Luxembourg


Et puis c’est tout !