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What are the features of the Customer Area?

Thanks to your Customer Area, you can:


  1. Monitor your consumption 

    The Customer Area allows you to keep an eye on your consumption at all times. To find out how to consult your consumption online, go here.
  2. Consult and pay your bills

    The Customer Area allows you to easily view and check the payment of your invoices. Go here to find out more.
  3. Easily change your price plan

    In the "My subscriptions" tab of your Customer Area, you can easily change your price plan or activate/deactivate options.

  4. Create and manage users

    As the Account Administrator, you can create users, define a role for them, modify their profile and assign them a line. To do this, go to "My account" and choose "My tribe".

    To discover all the roles available in your Customer Area, go here.

  5. Manage your devices

    In the tab "My subscriptions" you will find all the information related to your devices. On this page you can also access the online shop by consulting the catalogue of available devices.

  6. Modify your personal data

    To modify your personal data directly from your Customer Area, go to the "My account" tab. 

  7. Tracking your orders

    In order to track your orders directly from your Customer Area, go to the "My Orders" tab of your Customer Area. 

  8. Choose your data protection preferences

    Your personal data is not used without your consent. We will use your information to provide you with personalised communications and we will always be transparent about how we use it. You can change your preferences at any time. 


To do this, go to your Customer Area, in the "My account" tab and then "GDPR".