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How to activate Lookout?

To activate the app, go to your customer area. After your registration, follow the steps below:

  1. Receive a confirmation SMS with your personal licence code. You will receive a text within one hour (if you do not receive the text message, please contact us)
  2. Click on the link received in the text.
  3. Install the Lookout app on your device (Google Play / Apple Store). If you have already installed the app, your license code received by SMS will automatically activate the service.
  4. Authenticate yourself on the app. You need to create a Lookout account. Your credentials can be used on up to 5 devices (simply download the app to your other devices and log in using your credentials).
  5. Your smartphone is protected!

This option will be directly integrated in your mobile bill.

If you can't access to the Orange Customer Centre, you can activate your Lookout option directly by contacting us.