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How to benefit from Coup de pouce Mobile?

Case 1:

You are receiving the cost of living allowance, have received the government connectivity voucher and are considering taking out 100% Win Mobile Plan. You will benefit from Coup de pouce Mobile on this plan (€5/month off), upon presentation of the document to an advisor in one of our shops.

Case 2:

You have a refugee or subsidiary protection status

  • 1) Gather your supporting documents:
  • A certificate of international protection;
  • A bank statement;
  • A valid identity card, passport, residence permit or resident card;
    Proof of address.

2) Go to your Orange shop with these supporting documents. An advisor will take care of your request. If you are already registered with another operator, Orange will cancel your old offer free of charge and you will keep your mobile phone number.

Good to know:

The €5 discount is valid on our 100% Win Mobile Plan. If you go for Livebox Fiber including 100% Win, this discount remains effective and will be deducted from the price of the package.