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How to install your Google Chromecast on your TV?

Do you want to stream the Orange TV app on your TV? First, you need to install a Chromecast. Here is how to do.

Note that a Google account is required to use a Chromecast. If you don't have one yet, we'll tell you everything here.

Installing your Chromecast

  1. Connect your Chromecast to your TV with the HDMI cable;
  2. Connect the device to the mains using the USB charger;
  3. Choose the HDMI source to which the Chromecast is connected on your TV with your TV's remote;
  4. Chromecast welcome screen appears.

Setting up your Chromecast

  1. Download the Google Home app via the PlayStore on your smartphone or tablet ;
  2. Activate Bluetooth;
  3. Open the Google Home app;
  4. Choose your Google account and your Home (or create one if you don't have one yet);
  5. Choose the device with the same number that is dispayed on the welcome screen, and confirm the code that appears on your mobile;
  6. Connect your Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile.

Your Chromecast is now set up! You're ready to cast your Orange TV app on your TV. More information here.