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Highfive : Videoconferencing service

Orange can assist you with your video conferencing needs with our partner, Highfive.

Your meeting made easy
Your meeting made easy

Everyone says it's easy, but meetings always start late. The first 15 minutes of each meeting are wasted fumbling with the conference PIN, trying to figure out what you need to share the screen or downloading the right application. With Highfive, meetings start on time because everything is facilitated from start to finish.

image illustrant la sécurité des visioconférences Highfive
Your videoconferencing in complete security and worry free

The security of our customers' data is taken seriously. Highfive video conferencing includes on-premise hardware devices associated with cloud services. All cloud services are hosted by leading providers located in Europe (AWS Cloud Platform) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These providers have advanced security and compliance practices, including on-site security in their data centers.

Plusieurs personnes utilisant Highfive en visioconférence sur différents devices
The organizer and participants can join a virtual meeting room on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone in complete security.

Up to 125 participants connected simultaneously, with or without a moderator.

Your videoconferencing needs

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Working remotely has never been so easy and fast!

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