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Orange Cloud Phone

Voice over IP: call from your mobile as if you were in the office

Unbelievable but true: with the Orange Cloud Phone application you can make or receive calls while on the move as if you were sitting in your office.

  • To reach a colleague, you simply dial their internal extension

  • Your landline phone rings: the call is automatically diverted to your mobile

What about the deduction of the package?

  • The application uses the mobile phone's cellular data or Internet connection to make calls and therefore does not deduct from the call package.

  • However, for all calls to fixed or mobile numbers, the minutes of the mobile phone subscription are deducted.

  • Good to know: there are no additional costs for talking to employees or customers, even abroad. This considerably reduces the cost of calls on the move!

And for those who want to talk technically, here's how it works: the Orange Cloud Phone application turns your mobile phone into a Voice over IP phone.

Orange Cloud Phone transforms the mobile phone into a full-featured Voice over IP (VoIP) phone in a Protocol Branch eXchange (PBX) phone system and offers the standard features available on VoIP phones:

  • call forwarding,

  • do not disturb option,

  • double call,

  • music on hold, etc.

Telephone line extensions can be configured as required. During a call, the user chooses whether to display the company number or their own extension.

How do I get the Orange Cloud Phone application?

The Orange Cloud Phone application requires a PBX subscription with Orange (Virtual PBX product).

This application must be configured on the company's PBX telephone system. Account activation is done at the back office level, which provides the username and password.