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Are you an entrepreneur or company director who no longer wants to juggle between your personal phone and your business smartphone? The eSIM, the new generation of SIM card, will make your life easier!

eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identification Module. It is the successor to the physical SIM card that you have had in your phone until now. It is much smaller and is already integrated into your smartphone by the manufacturer. There is no longer a physical card to install.

With eSIM you only have one phone with your personal and business numbers

You no longer need to have two smartphones: you can have your personal and professional numbers on the same smartphone (dual SIM). You can even have your French and Luxemburg packages on the same device! One phone for all your private or professional uses, whether you live in Luxembourg or are a cross-border commuter!

And if you have a lot of business travel, you can activate a local package on your eSIM and save money in doing so!

A smaller card that uses less plastic

Orange Luxembourg is a responsible operator and is sensitive to environmental protection. You can find all our tips on how to save energy on the eco-gestures page.

And a smaller SIM card that uses less plastic is pretty good for the planet, isn't it? So let's get to work?

How do you activate your eSIM with Orange?

Just go to an Orange shop with your ID card and ask for it!

You will have to scan the QR code that the salesperson will have generated for you and then activate and install your profile on your smartphone. And that's it!