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SMS Gateway

Are you looking for an easy way to contact your customers, suppliers and employees directly from your computer via SMS? SMS Gateway from Orange Luxembourg is the right tool for you. With just a few clicks, you can create marketing, information or alert campaigns and inform them of your company's news quickly.

5 reasons to choose SMS Gateway from Orange Luxembourg

Simplified and intuitive use

You group the sending channels together and avoid spreading them too thinly. Nothing could be easier, you go through the web interface and in a few clicks your SMS is sent.

Time saving

It is possible to set up the campaigns according to the subject you wish to address. An appointment reminder? An exclusive offer or a news item you don't want to miss? Predefined templates are available to make your task easier and save you time.

In addition, you can schedule these SMS messages and thus avoid working in a hurry.

An SMS is not suitable for a certain geographical area or other defined criteria? You can easily exclude them from your communication.

The number prefixes covered are: FR – LU – BE – DE.

A secure tool

Sending SMS is only possible after inserting a password. This means that only people with this password can communicate from this tool.

A history and follow-up of the sending of SMS

Quickly access the history of your campaigns to analyse the results or consult them if necessary.

An economical and ecological communication

An SMS campaign is faster, more convenient, less expensive and more instantaneous than a mail campaign.

Are you interested in this solution? Contact us to find out more.