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Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager or how to manage all your lines in a secured way?

The Fleet Manager platform allows you to visualise, alert and inform your users about their mobile usage and to perfectly monitor the mobile consumption of your company.

Here are the main features of this management interface

  • 24-hour access to the platform

  • secure access

  • data updated every 4 hours

  • configuration of alerts by service used (voice, SMS, mobile Internet) on your fleet in order to avoid out of bundle

  • notifications to users

  • automated reports on usage or data of your fleet

  • activate or suspend a line

  • add options

  • order your phones

  • access to the last 6 invoices

  • real time consumption dashboard...

The platform is available in French, German and English. Our experts will train you on the tool and assist you in setting up your mobile line profiles.

This platform is tailored to you and to the size of your company

We offer a full range of services depending on the size of your company: flexibility in the management of the mobile fleet, equipment for employees, daily support.

Choose the pack that suits you best: Orange Comfort, Orange Premium or Orange First Class.

This platform is tailored to you and to the size of your company