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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or which tools to secure your mobile fleet?

EMM is a set of solutions that enable employees to be more productive by using smartphones and tablets in the workplace and to do so securely. In short, your mobile employees become just as productive and secure as in the office.

Securing the mobile fleet involves:

  • The control and monitoring of terminals

  • The control of users and their access rights to applications

  • The control of access to company information by applications

Concretely, the EMM allows to:

  • Delete sensitive information or disable a mobile device remotely

  • Determine who has access to your company network, internal emails, general calendar and contact lists

  • Provide remote access to company resources such as applications, workstations and files

A simple implementation via a management platform configured for you and with you with the support of Orange experts

Through the platform, you have full management of the applications available on mobiles.

Your security policies are guaranteed and enforced.

Your data is protected and your employees' smartphones are configured and secured by your IT teams.

Our EMM solution incorporates all the aspects required for high security for each of the smartphones in your fleet and the management of the various services:

  • Application management

  • Service management

  • Security management

  • Mobile device management

  • Enforcement of your company policies

Orange experts will assist you at every stage of the implementation: workshops, installation, platform configuration and training. Our teams ensure the maintenance of the platform and provide you with their support and expertise at all times.