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Don't let roaming charges surprise you when travelling abroad


August 5th, 2022 - 10am

Having a mobile plan adapted to your professional needs is essential, especially when you frequently travel abroad. To avoid unpleasant surprises on your bill and travel with peace of mind, discover the Business mobile offers from Orange Luxembourg.

Roaming refers to all mobile communications made on a foreign network. In concrete terms, this means calls, SMS, MMS and mobile internet made from a foreign country.

If you call or text from Luxembourg to a foreign country, these are international calls, not roaming calls. Calls and text messages made from Luxembourg to the EU are therefore always included in your Orange offer.

2017: end of roaming charges in Europe

Since June 2017, roaming charges have been included in packages within the European Union. In practice, this means that you can travel within Europe and use your mobile plan to make calls, send texts or surf the internet using 4G or 5G without incurring extra charges.

Of course, this does not mean that you can use your plan for free when abroad. SMS sent, calls made and data used are simply deducted from your monthly plan. If you go over the limit, the operator applies the same extra charges as in Luxembourg, except if you have the Flexi option. This option allows you to switch to a higher offer at any time to avoid the overage charges. With the flexi offer, you can also set a fixed price limit that cannot be exceeded in order to control your costs when travelling.

Good news for professionals who have to travel around Europe and the world for work!

Keep an eye on roaming and international tariffs

However, when using your smartphone abroad, especially on a business trip, it is important to be vigilant as there are some geographical and tariff exceptions that can quickly increase the bill:

  • Countries outside Europe: calling, texting or surfing on your mobile from the American, Asian, Oceanic or African continents is not included in your package (with some exceptions). The use of your smartphone is therefore charged outside your package, which is why we advise you to use the Flexi offer, which allows you to control your bill when you travel

  • Be aware that when you are on a boat, your phone calls and data usage are done on satellite networks, which are in a different geographical area than the European Union. You will therefore pay additional charges to those included in your plan.

Calls, SMS and MMS sent from Luxembourg to another European country are included in your package, with or without a Flexi offer.

Unlimited mobile offers for professionals

Our mobile offers are flexible and allow you to combine the voice and data options you want, when you want, according to your employees' needs.

To get an Orange offer adapted to your needs, contact your account manager to define your expectations and propose you the most adapted offer. You can also contact us directly via our website.

Services designed for businesses

In addition, professionals who choose a professional offer enjoy a multitude of included services allowing them to work in complete serenity during their travels:

  • Unlimited national calls between fleets ;

  • Personalised care in the shop ;

  • Overtaking info ;

  • Orange Video call ;

  • Monitoring their consumption in the Customer Area;

  • Content purchases from the Google Play Store directly deducted from the bill.

Customised experience through options

We provide professionals with a wide range of options to avoid unpleasant surprises when travelling abroad:

  • Blocked plan in case of overrun ;

  • Orange insurance to give you peace of mind and security;

  • The Flexi offer to take advantage of low prices from their favourite destinations around the world.

To take advantage of a mobile plan that is perfectly adapted to your needs or those of your employees, contact an Orange Luxembourg Account Manager. Our teams will work with you to find the offer that suits you best!