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The management team of Orange Luxembourg

Corinne Loze
Corinne Lozé - Chief Executive Officer

Corinne Lozé joined Orange in 2000 to manage innovation at Orange Alapage.com, an e-commerce entity of the group. She went on to become Director of Internet Innovation. In 2006, she became Director of Digital Marketing for the Orange Group. She then became CEO of Orange Centrafrique. In 2016, she launched Orange Money. She became CEO of Orange Luxembourg in 2019.

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France-Diane Hardy
France-Diane Hardy - Customer Relationship Director

France-Diane has been Head of Customer Relations at Orange Luxembourg since 2012, covering customer care services for individuals and businesses, technical back offices and customer support activities. She previously managed the B2B contact centres at Mobistar and Verizon Business in Belgium. With 25 years of experience, France-Diane has explored the various facets of the advertising and telecommunications industries.

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Alexandre Schueller
Alexandre Schueller - Human Resources Director

With a degree in Law and Human Resources, Alexandre has built his career in an international environment and in various industries. He started his career at Sonoco and then STS Group. After 10 years in manufacturing, he joined Amazon and then Orange Luxembourg in 2022. With a strategic and operational approach to Human Resources, his aim is "to reconcile the satisfaction of our customers, the company's goals and the interests of the employees, as they are at the heart of all achievements".

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Claire Ledoux
Claire Ledoux - Marketing Director

After 10 years in the Luxembourg telecoms industry, Claire joined the Orange team as Marketing Director in 2020. She places the customers at the heart of the company's marketing strategy. Acquiring customers is one thing, but not at any cost: "Our offers and campaigns are aimed at customers that we are sure we can satisfy 100%". Surrounded by a young and dynamic team, her goal is to always offer more value to our clients, both residential and professional.

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Barbara Fangille
Barbara Fangille - Head of Communication

Barbara started her career as a jewellery buyer working for 3 years with brands like Rolex and Chanel. In 2009, she joined the Luxembourg tax firm ATOZ to take charge of Marketing and Communication. End of 2011, Barbara joined Orange Luxembourg. During 3 years, she was responsible for sponsoring, events, merchandising and trade marketing activities. She evolved as Marketing and Communication Manager and then Head of Communication in 2020.

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Jean-Christophe Bayet
Jean-Christophe Bayet - IT & Cybersecurity Director

Active in the world of telecommunications since 1996, networks and information systems are at the core of Jean-Christophe's expertise. He acquired operational and strategic experience at Mobistar and is now surrounded by motivated employees at Orange Luxembourg, where he aims to make networks and IT strong levers for customer satisfaction. His motto: "Alone we go faster, together we go further". Jean-Christophe joined the management team in 2014.

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Christophe Van Yck
Christophe Van Yck - Head of Network & Strategic Projects

Christophe began his career working on various IT and network studies and projects. He started collaborating with Luxembourg in 2010 and officially joined Orange Luxembourg in 2014. After several projects as Program Manager, he managed a Projects & Processes-oriented team before taking over the 5G Program and mobile network renewal. He has been supporting the network teams since 2020. Christophe joins the management team in 2023 as Head of Network & Strategic Projects.

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Mustapha Rahem
Mustapha Rahem - Head of B2C Sales

Mustapha Rahem joined Orange in 2005. He participated in the development of the distribution logistics platform for Orange points of sale as well as partner and B2B customer points of sale. Thanks to this experience, Mustapha then managed the commercial relationship with our distribution partners Auchan, Mediamarkt, Darty, Cora and Delhaize. In 2014, he took over the commercial management of the entire B2C distribution network, partners and Orange shops. Since 2019, Mustapha is omnichannel B2C sales manager in charge of sales in physical and online distribution channels.

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Jean-Sebastien Berneyron
Jean-Sebastien Berneyron - Head of BtoB Sales

Jean-Sébastien Berneyron joined the Orange Group in November 1999. In 2004 he joined the Management Control department. At the beginning of 2008, he was entrusted with the financial management of the Enterprise Business Unit of Orange Belgium in the role of B2B Controlling Manager. Jean-Sébastien joined the B2B sales department of Orange Luxembourg in January 2014 and worked on the revamping of the commercial policy as Commercial Policy & Quality Manager. He joined the management team in 2019, as B2B Sales Manager.

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Adrien Pottier
Adrien Pottier - Chief Financial Officer

After graduating in International Finance and after a background in market finance and business continuity, Adrien joined Orange Luxembourg in 2011 in Management Control. He participated in the development of the Finance department, in particular to meet the Orange Group's standards, and was entrusted with the Management Control department in 2016. His objective is to bring a critical but collaborative spirit to the constantly evolving activities of Orange Luxembourg. Adrien joined the management team in 2023.

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