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Orange Communications Luxembourg is a mobile and fixed-line telephone operator as well as an internet access and cable television provider.

The company is wholly owned by Orange Belgium. Orange Belgium is one of the main players in the telecommunications field in Belgium. Orange Belgium is 52.9% owned by Orange International Group.

Orange in Luxembourg is the most European operator in Luxembourg that provides the combination of telecommunication, mobile, fixed-line, internet and TV services. Its customer service is based in Luxembourg in Bertrange.

It accommodates customers in 5 languages: English, German, French, Luxembourgish and Portuguese. Orange develops its own networks and 160 employees of all nationalities work daily to serve and satisfy its customers.

Present everywhere in the country

16 shops are spread all over the territory of Luxembourg. Orange innovated when installing service spaces, animated by our experts, highly qualified personnel able to accompany you in your digital life, be it to get started or for troubleshooting. Espaces Pro places have also been set up to welcome business clients, the personnel of these shops will provide customised advice and will submit a complete proposal fitting your needs, your expectations and your budget.

The strength of a European group

Orange is one of the leading telecommunication operators in the world. The group is present in some 30 countries and ranges among the top ten worldwide operators. This status allows Orange to set up worldwide agreements, particularly for roaming (communications and mobile internet in an other country). Based on this presence, Orange's Europe zone comprises 42 countries, in which the European tariffs are applied. Through its research centres spread all over the globe an its Technocentre established in France, Orange offers innovative offers to provide its clients and beyond them the community with new communication and information technologies.